Waste Free Christmas

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reduce, reuse, recycle this Christmas!

A waste free Christmas wish list
With the Christmas season fast approaching we came up with some Christmas gift ideas which will go a long way towards reducing the amount of waste produced.

Christmas cards
With domestic mail doubling during the month of December it is safe to assume that Christmas cards make up a very high percent of post. Why not make your own Christmas cards from old ones or send ecards instead.

Recycled wrapping paper
If you go to the effort of recycling, why don’t you go the extra step and buy recycled wrapping paper? Or else keep the wrapping paper that is still good and reuse it another time.

Wrap it right
Be creative when wrapping presents and re use ribbons or even string which will ensure that the wrapping paper can be reused.

Christmas trees
Instead of buying another artificial Christmas tree, why not decorate one of your indoor plants? It is certainly more original and will create a different look while reducing the waste produced. An added bonus with this idea is that it also means less storage needed for your artificial tree for another year. If you do need to change your Christmas Tree, make sure that you dispose of it responsibly by taking it to a Civic Amenity Site.

Be battery wise
Families can get through a lot of batteries, particularly at Christmas so make sure that rechargeable batteries and adaptors are part of the Christmas gift to ensure a reduction in batteries going to waste.

Give an Experience
Instead of buying material gifts this Christmas, why not give an experience that one of your loved ones will remember such as tickets to a popular show or play, or a short holiday, or even a gift voucher which will ensure that the receiver will buy something they actually need or really want.

Reuse your unwanted presents
Everyone receives at least one unwanted gift at Christmas. Give your unwanted presents to charities to be reused. And when you give a gift, always be sure to ask for a gift receipt. Or else, if you don’t know the taste of someone so well, why not give them a voucher instead?

Donate to a good cause
When you know that someone is giving you a gift, you can suggest that instead a donation to a charitable cause is given in your name – for example: sponsor an animal or a membership to a charity or environmental organisation.

Make Boxing Day a recycling day
Once all the presents are opened, don’t forget to dispose of the excess packaging properly. Paper, plastic and metal items can go into the green/grey bag while large packaging is bulky waste and can be disposed of via the bulky refuse service or else at a Civic Amenity Site.

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