Christmas Gift Ideas

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reduce, reuse, recycle this Christmas!

Dreaming of a waste free Christmas

As we all gear up for the Christmas season which is a time for eating, drinking and celebrating we must also bear in mind that it is also a season which produces more waste. In the month of December more packaging waste is generated than the monthly average of the whole year. Remarkably, in December 2015 an additional one third over the average monthly statistic of the whole year was collected for recycling. The national Don’t Waste Waste campaign offers useful tips and suggestions which will help reduce the amount of waste created during this festive season.

Buy gifts that will last a long time. Things that are not durable or of poor quality will undoubtedly end up in the bin and can’t be re-used. Or else go the extra step and buy an experience as a gift – something that does not normally come in a box that will be remembered for a lifetime!

If you are buying a present that uses batteries make sure that you include rechargeable batteries with it.

With all the gifts that you receive it is in with the new and out with the old. But don’t forget to donate clothes, shoes, books and bric-a-brac that are in good condition to a charity shop.

Sponsor an animal – a gift that will last a year. Contact a national animal welfare group or conservation charity for details.

Give money or gift vouchers and save on wrapping and packaging

Send an E card or text message and save on paper. Another idea is to reuse old cards and reuse them. Too many trees are being destroyed to create cards which are so fleetingly appreciated. According to MaltaPost the amount of domestic mail almost doubles during the month of December which is likely to be due to the amount of Christmas cards posted.

Join others and SNUB – Say No to Unwanted Bags. Every plastic bag takes 500 years or more to decay in a landfill site. Always use a re-usable shopping bag.

Make Boxing Day a recycling day. Dispose of all recyclable packaging that comes from your presents correctly by making use of the doorstep collections provided by your local council as well as the Bring In Sites.

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