Organic Waste Put To Good Use

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home composting - make a home composting bin

Composting is the process by which nature breaks down organic waste which can be added to one’s soil, enriching it in the process. Composting is nature’s way of giving back much needed nutrients to our soil. Through composting we are recycling waste which could otherwise go to landfill. The organic waste we generate at home includes all food scraps, vegetable waste, coffee grounds and tea bags and any dead leaves or twigs. If you have green fingers and pride yourself in maintaining your garden, why not allocate a small corner where you could compost your own organic waste and reuse it for the benefit of your garden?

An organic waste pilot project was introduced late last year and now includes 9 localities in Malta and the entire Gozo region. The aim is to progressively extend this on a national scale as this would permit source segrated organic waste to be treated at one or more of our facilities where, apart from renewable energy, compost is being produced and used for Wasteserv projects. On the ground there is already a cohort of people who are clearly interested and keen to do their bit and have received this service enthusiastically as shown by the amount of organic waste collected. To date, the Sant Antnin plant has received around 2.1 million kilos of organic waste has been collected from all participating localities. In part this is also thanks to the work done by the local councils themselves, who are constantly raising awareness about this third bag and how to manage it. Composting reduces the waste that goes into the black bag and helps turn waste into a valuable resource. By 2020 the amount of bio waste going to landfill needs to be reduced by 65%. To reach this target, your contribution is essential. Do your bit!

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