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Spring clean your waste the right way


With summer kicking in, many are busy cleaning up their neglected gardens, yards and giving a lift to dark shabby corners of their houses with a lick of paint and some DIY home works. The promise of summer seems to act like a sign to clean up house and home and get ready for a more outdoor lifestyle. So what happens when the works are done and extensive spring cleaning has left you with a mound of waste that doesn’t go into the green/grey bags or Bring in sites?


While the bring in sites provide disposal measures for paper, glass, metal and plastic, waste because of DIY home works, expired medicines or electronics which have reached the end of their life, should go to one of the six Civic Amenity Sites found around Malta and Gozo. The civic amenity sites essentially provide a place for the safe disposal of bulky household waste, domestic hazardous waste and recyclable materials. Appliances, electronics, furniture, waste from DIY activities, garden waste, cloths, waste oils and household hazardous waste such as solvents, neon tubes and paints can all be taken there for safe disposal and at no cost to the public. In this way, waste which should not end up in a landfill is redirected and recovered for exportation and recycling. It also means that you don’t need to depend on anyone to pick up your waste for you.


According to the National Statistic office, use of the Civic Amenity Sites rose by 11% in 2015, clearly confirming that the public does in fact already use these services. Interestingly white goods and electronics are the most commonly received goods at these CA sites.


For an extensive list on what is accepted at the Civic Amenity sites, their opening hours and other useful information please visit






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