PINK – February issue

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PINK – FEB issue

Christmas has long been relegated to a distant memory and we’re now trying to survive the chilly winter months ahead. Hopefully we are all feeling revived and resolute and determined to keep up any new year resolutions we’ve made. One of the most current issues is that of living in a less wasteful and more mindful way. To help you out PINK has rounded up ten ways to achieve this but before you start we suggest you conduct a waste audit to see what you’re currently throwing away and what you can reduce on. Spend a week being aware of what you throw away and then replace at least one of the disposable items with a reusable option such as shopping bags and shaving razors.
To help you out PINK has rounded up ten ways to achieve a less wasteful life:

1. Give your wardrobe an instant uplift with a clothes swap which is a brilliant way to reuse your clothes rather than getting rid of them.
2. If you don’t find a home for those unwanted clothes drop them off at a charity shop and help a good cause in the process.
3. And for those clothes which are beyond repair, cut them neatly and add them to your cleaning things. Wash them regularly and reduce the amount of paper napkins used in an instant.
4. Buy reusable bottles for beauty products and refill them – this will immediately reduce the amount of plastic you use.
5. Buy microfibre cloths for your face and reduce the amount of cotton wool or tissue paper you use.
6. Think twice before you buy another beauty product – ask yourself do you really need it or is it another impulse buy? Those extra few minutes can make all the difference, even saving you money in the process.
7. If you think that your body moisturizer is finished think again. Cut across your beauty products and see what a lot gets left behind or thrown away simply because it doesn’t come out immediately.
8. By spring cleaning regularly you’ll be reminded of just how much stuff you already have which is more likely to curb the next shopping urge you get thereby reducing the amount of unnecessary items you buy.
9. Repair before you throw away items. Find an excellent cobbler who will repair handbags, shoes and even belts and give them a new lease of life.
10. Take responsibility for your shopping sprees and refuse excessive shopping bags, shoe boxes and plastic packaging and ask sales people not to wrap your purchases. This will save on extensive use of plastic and might even help to spread the word

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