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Supermarket Visits

Food waste accounts for approximately half of Malta’s household waste. Approximately 22% of the food we purchase ends up being wasted – that’s €1 out of every €5 spent which goes straight to the bin! As consumers we have a determining role to play and our actions can reshape the food waste landscape. Its really a win-win situation: you produce less and you save more!

To begin with we need to become smarter shoppers by thinking about what we are buying, when it will be consumed, and how to utilise it to the maximum. As from next week, spokespersons from the national awareness campaign ‘Don’t Waste Waste’, will be present in many leading supermarkets to offer tips and advice on how to shop wisely and how to effectively implement habits which help in successfully reducing your food waste and spending less money.

A number of leading supermarkets among them Pavi, Pama, Park Towers, Scotts, Smart and Arkadia in Gozo, are all on board, so do look out for these waste spokespersons as they will also be handing out useful giveaways. Do your bit too – come talk to us to become a smarter shopper. Sure you can! Further tips on how to reduce food waste can be found on

The Don’t Waste Waste campaign was at Park Towers supermarket on Friday 19th August, 2016

The Don’t Waste Waste campaign was at Smart supermarket on Thursday 18th August, 2016

The Don’t Waste Waste campaign was at Ta’ Dirjanu on Thursday 4th August, 2016

The Don’t Waste Waste campaign was at GS Shoppers Mellieha on Wednesday 13th July, 2016

The Don’t Waste Waste campaign was at Scotts Sliema on Friday 15th July, 2016”

The Don’t Waste Waste campaign was at PAVI Shopping Complex on Monday 11th July, 2016

The Don’t Waste Waste campaign is currently at Pama, Mosta. Come & visit our stand. We are there till 13.00!

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