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grey/green recycling bags

Green / Grey Bag

Tip: Avoid smells by only placing clean items inside.

What happens to my waste?

recycling malta

Recyclable Waste

Recyclable materials from the grey or green bags are collected and taken to Wasteserv’s Material Recovery Facilities where they are individually processed both mechanically and manually, to remove any undesirable items.  Recyclables are then compacted in large bales and sold on a monthly basis to waste brokers who export these for further treatment and recycling abroad.

Check waste collection days in your locality.

Items that can be put in the grey/green bag:

Card paper

Carton food boxes (clean)

Clean Aluminium Foil

Clean plastic bags

Clean takeaway boxes

Cooking oil bottles

Cosmetic container (clean)

Detergent bottles (clean container)

Detergent Boxes

Drink cans

Food cans

Jar lids

Juice cartons

Liquid soaps (clean container)


Margarine tubs (clean container)

Metal caps

Milk cartons


Note books


Paper bags (clean)

Plastic bags (clean)

Plastic bottle

Plastic caps

Plastic containers

Plastic food packets

Shampoo (clean container)

Shower gel (clean container)

Spray cans (empty)

Toilet paper rolls

Toiletries containers

Yoghurt container (clean)

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